Wednesday, December 12, 2007

~~~Combined Composition~~~


I have lots of work in the office :( ... I hate working ...
The only thing to look forward to is my gymming... I have really started liking my
new workout... it hurts a lot.. but feels good...
I have started bringing the variation...

well havent updated you people lately...
So here goes the latest news..
Areez has resigned he is joining Amdocs (Well very wise decision) and those
of you who are worried about Archana.. well she is also looking for something in Poona.
(She shouldnt face any problems while searching for a new job).

Deepal.. is trying hard for a transfer to Poona...
Cooking is almost on a halt these days... our two burner stove is out of order..
so we have to use one burner stove for cooking.. which takes ages.... and is very

Deepal is going on a loong vacation(for about 20 days) very soon...( she is going to vaishno devi)..
Damn I am jealous!!!!!!!

I was getting bored... then suddenly a frn of mine pinged me with his 4 lines of self comp ..
He got stuck after that and it kindaa ticked me.. so I gave my inputs...
and together we composed something :)

Just go through it... I dont want to explain the hidden meaning..
Basically I am in no mood to explain things today!!!!
call me Moody!

Drenched in the rain, in my own pain
Holding on for nought, through all my battles fought...
Looking for a glimmer of hope
somewhere deep inside my soul

I'm tired of this life
Soon I'll be knocking at your door
And all those years
Are gone somehow

The warmth i seek, the affection i crave
My impatience showing to the fore...
swept away in the winds of time,
Only memories remain, in their chime

I was standing by the edge
I heard your footsteps
And I knew that for a moment
You were calling out my name

The sounds receded, faded away with the dawn
The moment vanished, in the sunrise of the morn
Move on, Move on, calls out my heart
making way for others to play their part...

Curtains have risen, the show must go on....
Now i know that there is nothing left to hide..
I will have to survive, till you come knocking at my door
I will exist without living my life...

Once again I will dance with the crowd
Lost in the timelessness of the music...
Earlier I tried reaching out for love
And now I will try to reach for this meaningless life.



  1. Jus my understanding on wht i read:

    The writer imagines himself in a play... he has just portrayed wht he feels is his finest performance, to date... but he does not get the appreciation tht he expects maybe... there is just a round of polite applause... he's waiting, hoping for a few genuine words of praise, but none are forthcoming... he's impatient, but there's nothin he can do... he thinks he hears somethin maybe, but the continued silence dispels all illusions... he then has to give way, he has to move on... his life becomes clockwork, n wil remain so, until fame comes knocking again...

    my views, someone correct me!

  2. well it is surely the best one you have written so far especially those lines
    "The warmth i seek, the affection i crave
    My impatience showing to the fore...
    swept away in the winds of time,
    Only memories remain, in their chime,"
    had great depth in meaning. It reminded me of a song called The Twilight Zone by RUSH. Sorry! these days i cannot relate anything to life without referring to RUSH. Anyways, you did a great job here.
    Keep going!