Friday, December 21, 2007

~~~Cause I must be Travelling On now~~~

Well Deepal is finally leaving...
Frankly speaking .. I really dont know how to react.. I am kind of dumbstruck..
Maybe things happened at such a fast pace that i got completely lost while trying to hold things.

Probably when she is gone... things will sink down gradually...
Deepal this for you :

Isn't it strange that a gift is at times an enemy?
I feel stupid now for all those days .. Could have been better?
Maybe it's me and I promise I will make up for it..
Maybe if I looked hard enough, I could find a backdoor.

(I promise I will continue this..)

I so bloody hate Goodbyes .. I feel sick and stupid...
We went for a grand dinner last night.... That time also i didnt get the feeling of she leaving hyderabad.. Then later , when she started packing I kind of realized the gravity of the situation..
But today after watching those goodbye mails... Man!!!!!! I ready to blast...

I dont want to spoil the gravity of the situation by talking about something else...
Let me stop here...

Deepal : Have a gala time.. enjoy your time over there.. I will miss you :)


  1. B-E-A-UTIFUL!!! Deepal, buddy, all the very best!!! Santa will definitely get u loads of gifts!!!

  2. hey ships.. im gona miss u terribly too..
    all the great food.. awesum week ends.. the bitching sessions.. the gossip sessions.. the movies..
    its seriously difficult for me to digest the fact that i am goin..

    infact i just feel its gona be like any other trip to bombay.. a trip that ends when i enter my house on the Monday morning..
    im waiting for this trips monday!!!!