Monday, December 3, 2007


A friend of mine was complaining that i have never mentioned his name on my blog... Well My Dear Feriend this blog is about the Snapshots of my life, my feelings, my worldview, My musings ... so give me time and i will make it about my friends also.

Poll results are out and it says that I should write about I me Myself :).
Dont worry I will write about all my friends...
There is one more thing which I wanted to clarify that I wont be writing in the order of priority... Just a random selection.
I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and just love it when I have people reading my blog. Trust me that isn't my sole purpose for blogging, or else I would have given up months ago.
Some people express things so clearly in their blog, but I tend not to do so. I am so restless to hit that publish button and get a post up. I dont even revise or edit my posts.For ex Karan writes his posts so meticulously each and every word so carefully chosen every post carefully analysed. I love his writing skills.

I think this blog is more like a waterfall -- Uncontrolled and freeflowing.
and I am quite Happy about it !!!!



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