Friday, December 7, 2007

~~Anybody In ??~~~


I finally completed my Self Composition. Thanks to Eby :) .
Do give it a read..

It is about a schizo boy who is highly influenced by his Imaginary friend.
This is what he wants to tell him:

I listen to you ;
when I am alone, walking.
Walk through ...

I hear the sounds you make,
the language you speak..
I sense your emotion.

Why cant you explain it to them,
and put an end to this game,
Instead of running with me,
and feeling guiltyand hiding in your silent dignity...

lETS run away, free ourselves from the rat race
Leaving the world spinning at a mad pace.

Some still hope for my success,
It shows in their Prayers,
But I have given up on you.
I’m afraid, it’s sad but true;
I have given myself to you.


1 comment:

  1. The morning dew, fresh below our feet
    The stagnant pond, the woods, calling sweet
    Peace, in the solitude of the dark and lonely night
    There is no urge to stay coiled to take flight...
    The voices relieve me of my mask of the day
    The underlying fear still strong, that it will break some day....