Wednesday, November 7, 2007

~~~wOrk wOrk wOrk~~~

Lots of work this week.
Rest of the month should go easy... I finally booked the tickets for Om Shanti Om.
I am neither bollywood crazy or shahrukh bhakth trust me It is just that it is a LOOOONG Weekend (and considering the entertainment options which are very limited)and I am not going home.
(Reason ===> Some marriage in the Family and my experience says that it is a hunting ground for the prospective MIL and FIL so just dont want to take any chances).

Yippie I am so excited it is diwali the day after tommorow..and i will be burning Lots of crackers...

Someone very close to me was diagnosed with Schizophrenia (No i cant name the person here) It is a tough time for his family. I was just googling on the internet about it and found out that it is as bad as cancer.There are people who are suffering from this for the past so many years.I hope he gets well.

(I wrote down something from a schizophrenics point of view.. I hope I am on the right path)

I am a Stranger in a foreign land
They are looking at me
They are trying to whisper in my ears
What should i do?I think I should run
I see them i feel them is it strange?
Wait a while you try to see them for my sake
No they are there right in front of you they are not fake
I knew something was wrong when I was a child,
I actually knew something was wrong
Now i have a magic elixir that will cure all my ails.

And I really don't mind
Feeling them,talking to them
But I am now not able to sleep after what I saw
I wrote this letter to tell you
That I have to carry on
wish you were here
I wish you were here
To see what I could see
To hear what i hear
to feel what i feel
And I wish you were here


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  1. Thats well written...
    n Hope he gets well soon