Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Yes I am back!!!!
One colleague of mine raised this issue; Is my Blog Dead?
No it is certainly not!!!!!!!
how can this blog be dead?? Afterall this blog was originally an outlet for my inherent nature to talk/crib(at times)/discuss endlessly about all manner of banal and mundane things.

I have been really busy with different things....Gym is finally back into my life...
trying to get back into my athletic self.. and it is an awesome feeling...
and this time i am not going to quit!!!Running at a speeed of 8.7 -9.5 for 30 minutes is something that i love the most.

Various triumphs are on the agenda ... it's all about me, and my ability to blow my own trumpet. Yay!!! yippie!!!

Met with an accident few days back (This is no plot for an unplanned leave).
We(Karan & 'The Stud') were on our way back home... when we met with an accident.
Thankfully we did not get any serious injuries.. bruises, swollen knee cap :( etc.. had to go through the round of injection also (something i dread the most).

It was archanas birthday last friday.. All of us had good fun... we wanted to give her a surprise so we fooled her to the hilt (we told her that her parents were planning to give her a surprise on her bday) Poor girl took it all seriously and we all played along.... and Exactly at 12:00 Areez (Those of you who dont know --- Her B/f) was there Fully Loaded with all the gifts..

Mastermind behind this plot---> Deepal.

Ohh Mi Gosh .... there is so much to write.... come to think of it!!!
We went to Ramoji also... (Details of which i will write in another post).
Will Update you all later.. have to get back to work (Shitty!).


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