Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Weather is excellent here in Hyderabad.
People say the weather is discussed when there is nothing else to talk about?Britishers do that frequently( A true britisher would first ask about the weather). But Hold on Today is no such day. I have got plenty of things to write about.But I think i have to take the time out and appreciate the weather here. I am just loving it right now.I have been surprised by how the weather has turned out to be during MY stay…

Right now it is just perfect. I am Missing delhi :)There is a little chill in the air in the mornings and in the evenings.
It is just getting cooler. Once you step outside the airconditioned offices you feel the chill. During the daytime it is pleasantly warm(Reminds me of mY College days in delhi, When we used to step out to have a cup of coffee with hot paranthas.)
Well Delhi is lot more colorfull during the winters You can see an ocean of bright colors,People dressed in mufflers, caps, gloves...
I Used to have my semesters during the winters(I used to love it).
Imagine you are all tucked in the blanket with all the necessities of life..
---Mobile phone
---Landlines(Mobile Calling rates used to be exorbitant back then).
---Novel(To take small breaks).
---Snacks(Anything to munch)
---Walkman/discman(For some particular subjects ).

I miss that life for good enough reasons:

---No worries
---No dresscode(No formals)
---No Money Management
---Snobbishness + Arrogance
---No shaadi tensions
---Have time for all your hobbies.
---You catch up on all the seasons of OC,Greys Anatomy.
---You can Bunk whenevr you want (Proxies used to hold some charm)

Actually there are many things that i miss from the TV World also:
--- Surabhi (Used to love Renuka Shahane.. Actually got hair cut like her after watching that serial).
--- Hip Hip Hurray
--- who can forget the 'Mile sur mera tumhaara' song!
--- The sword of Tipu Sultan
--- Jungle, jungle song from the one and only Jungle Book(All thanks to Deepal i keep on hearing it from time to time).

--- Cadbury's ad.. That was the first time when I imitated someone's dance.
---Titli and chidiya song(Ek titli anek titli....)
--- Amuls Ad (:) )
--- Malgudi days.
--- Karamchand (I was pretty small dont remember much).
--- The wonder years
--- Small wonder
--- Blossom(The First and maybe the last English Teenage serial on DD)

And so many things....

Time moves on and never look back
And I am just left with the moments
I would like to be back when I can
To feel alive all over again..

Keep posting your comments :)

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  1. This is too good...
    your nostalgia brought my nostalgia back.. :)