Thursday, November 22, 2007

~~Movie Magic~~

watched this movie Prime on some entertainment channel yesterday for just half an hour.. really well treated movie.. Good performances by uma thurman & meryl streep. I have seen this movie before here's the Plot Summary.. Uma, has just gone through a painful divorce & is taking psychiatric treatment from Meryl(Therapist). She meets and falls for Dave,23. now the Interesting part Dave is Meryl's son.. so the mother is now caught in between 2 worlds.. counselling Uma to Live life and enjoy it fully
& at the same time wanting her son to marry a good Jewish girl! she tels her son tht its wrong to fall for a woman who is so much older than him...
Contradictory Advice!

I love two dialogues from this movie "you are making me nervous in a way i am not really familiar with" Dave tells Uma this when they have just started dating.

.and then there was the "you love.You learn. You move on.."

You all better Watch out!!!

Well I am all excited about my gymming these days.. I have been working out pretty regularly.. It is Indeed a good feeling :))
our office gym is also pretty good it has the Best Equipments (All LifeFitness machines) with a nice decor and a good sound system. Mirrors are also fixed at the right locations.
And we have two separate big gym's in our office campus.

I am very soon planning to write about the people in my life...
This blog is becoming just Me.. Me... Me... ME...



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