Thursday, November 29, 2007


Wrote this one loooooong time back.
Lost this composition when my rediff ID got blocked (As I had all the backup there
All thanks to Eby I got it again(He is the one who wanted me to post it here) ...
and the Best part is that He has all my compositions (Written till date)...

Give it a REad:

memories from my past haunt me
Maybe someone still wants me
Maybe i still figure somewhere in that heart
Maybe I still am somewhere in her part.

Down the memory lane
There was some love and lots of pain
I still cherish that love
I live by that pain.

Thinking of those beautiful yesterdays
when we were In love with each other and couldnt live away
petty issues today,then became a loom
Came along as an ocean of hate and gloom.

Moments are over so are those beautiful years,
But Memories are still so crystal clear
Yes,her smile and memories and those moments still haunt me
Maybe somehwhere she still wants me.
Everytime i want to love her,
That tinge of pain pierces me through.

I know this composition is pretty raw..
But i Love it!


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