Thursday, November 15, 2007

~~Lil Girls Dream~~

Wrote something for myself!!! It feels good :).
Now that is the kind of Job that i want,where
I get onto the track right away..(Early in the morning)..
Hope to be more regular...
Btw it was Karans Birthday on 14th.. Had an awesome time .
We were on leave :) . Gave him a good surprise.
Waiting desperately for 5:00 PM.. will do some gymming
then Subway and then some good movies (Thinking of watching

Trudging through the Campus,In this heat
In suffocating Formals,
It is the competition that I am trying to beat

what wrong did I do, for god sake I am a lil girl
Living in a dream,in a perfect whirl.

while I am trying to hide from this world in fear
a disturbing thought comes that the end is near

Man is ready to bite into the skin
for his Career,and gaining a higher position

I long for a ray of hope, the warmth of the sun
smiling upon me, a day full of happiness and fun

Mommy please come and take me away from this place
I want to play where the sun shines on my face


  1. rise from the darkness into the world of light
    this light might not be a reality but the light of fairy dreams
    true one would think how can i live in this
    but just mind that they are the ones which drive the real world.
    so dont be afraid and clench the hands of the most brightest dream you can see
    voila!! you are in the new world...

  2. i can identify with this lil girl...