Thursday, November 22, 2007

~~ Joys Of Life~~

Here is a list of the small things that make me smile over and over again..

=> After a hard day's work a lovely workout makes my day.

=> When in the gym while working out a good song is playing in the background.It cheers me up completely.

=> I am involved in an almost-accident situation but I am in a good mood and just smile at the other person and he smiles back at me.

=> Come to the office and find some appreciation mails that praise my work .

=> When i write something and someone else can identify with that (I am talking about the composition. For eg I just loved it when Karan told me that he really liked my composition (Numb : It is there in this Blog) and could indentify with it . This was before we started dating :)

=> Watching a goooood Movie. I felt really happy when I saw "Love Actually"

=> When someones i havent seen in years drop an email just to say HI!.

=> When Music is with me.(I cant really explain this one.).

=> While reading a book i come across something which touches my heart.

=> When people comment on my cooking. (Esp if i have put effort in that :)).

=> Meeting friends after a loooong time and I am engrossed in talking and hardly notice the time, and realise how long it has been since we guys have talked.

=> I wake up from a deep sleep in the evening on sunday/saturdays and see a coffee mug right in front of me with some spanish omlette.(Love it !).

=> Bitching around till 4'00 am (Once in a while. I know deepal you are laughing right now ).

And Many Many more things...


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  1. hey.. i actually did laugh reading the last statement