Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~~ If Only~~

I want my writings to be really creative.Impactful subjects,Beautiful words,Meaningful content that come out of these blog pages and strike a chord with my readers. It is so hard maintaining a daily blog.. Blogs that make it look and read so easy and simple yet beautiful.

Even i want to be like that!!!!!!! take for example Karan's Blog. He has a way of writing.. very meticulous very controlled..yet witty!!!
Hats off to people who really write well.

I dont feel like working :(
Just wrote this after lunch ( No lunch wasnt good at all... Horrible)

I want to see
I want to feel
I want to live life
If only I am in your arms tonite.

I want to see the love in your heart,
And I promise you we will never be apart,
I will swim against the tide.
If only I am in your arms tonight.

I know I cant lose along the way
I wont let the spark flicker and fade
I will give it all away
If only I am in your arms tonite.

I will light the way
Each and every day
I will give you my life
If Only I am in your arms tonite.



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