Tuesday, November 27, 2007



Sometimes, some day it happens. You feel, you don't want to do anything. Simply just lay down.You dont want to go to your job. You don't want answer any phone calls, mails, or post your blogs.
Today is one such a day for me.
I want to do nothing.

Karan and me were talking about the Hi - fi Pilgrims the other day:
Actually we were discussing the money that Tirupati makes
(I went to tirupati with my folks this year for the Darshan).

I was truly touched by the devotion shown by people waiting in a line for hours just to get into the temple for a less than 3 second darshan of the deity’s idol. We took a VIP pass(All thanks to my Mommy) and that got us through in less than an hour.

The idol was truly amazing. One of its kind.I was amazed. I totally forgot the huge crowd, Crying children,Irritated security.It Just lasted just 3-4 seconds, and I was pushed out by the crowd.

Later on I got to know that the mighty bachchans have donated a huge amount of money
to this temple.
And also they can stay and enjoy the darshan for as long as they want.
Well just because they have paid a huge amount it does not mean that they have bought the Deity.
I understand because of this temple the towns economy has got a huge push.
Developement is welcome but please not the commercialization.
but wHY ARE RULES different for different people here?


One message for Hemant -- I am missing my reader.. Come back dear.. Get well soon


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