Friday, November 23, 2007

~~oM sHanTi oM~~

For some love stories one lifetime is not enough...

Prizes for best dressed Male, Female and Kids – Theme RETRO (Adorn the 70’s Special)

The text mentioned above is from an email we got from the HR Department.

Well today is the Retro Night in our office(They are screening Om Shanti Om)

Q)But what is Retro Fashion?

A)Retro fashion represents a clothing style which consists wearing clothes commonly used in the past, mainly in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80'sThis way of clothing often includes garments and accessories that are characteristic of those times and many people use them in an exaggerated way and in combination with current clothing. Examples are: leather handbags from the 50's, "bell jeans", big sunglasses, funky jackets (commonly Adidas Classics) and shoes, small neckties, sport equipment, etc.

People in my office dont understand the concept of retro clothing.Everyone is looking so bland today no zeal and zest..(Considering that it is a friday today).
Sadly I wont be there to see the screening of OSO and wont be participating in the
competition as I have to leave early today!

Some of the basic benefits of wearing retro clothes:

--- to stand out from the crowd
--- Retro clothing is also nostalgic
--- for the people who choose to be thrifty the prices on retro clothes are very attractive indeed. Some of the best sources for retro clothing are local stores, flea markets, and yard sales.

--- there are many different styles and eras to choose from. Items from the late 19th century on up through the 1980's are available.

According to me the Retro Clothing is fun, affordable, and gives an original look. There is a sense of nostalgia and it adds a whole new dimension to your wardrobe.

I think that the retro trend has remained restricted to only the music videos there and has not yet found space in the Indian wardrobes....

You all have a nice weekend(Enjoy your FRiday Night!).



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