Monday, November 12, 2007

~~Change Of Seasons~~

Yes!!!!(I am not going to write about how i celebrated my diwali.. but something more important!)

I am out of my Quarter-Life -Crisis..
I was discussing about my Period of Disinterest with a friend on the intranet(Like a true Software engineer using my company's resources).

Yup period of Disinterest or as he likes to call it "The Quarter -Life - Crisis".
Some of its Symptoms are:

-- You lose interest in your passions. I stopped gymming,
reading,writing,enjoying good music,Movies

-- You feel irritated all the time. I was all the time irritated
giving small things undue attention.

-- You stop giving personal space to others.

-- You think and only think of Future.

-- I was in a state where i was so confused.. could not take any stand
on anything.

--It changes you (I used to think that i was an extrovert .. Man i truly became an
introvert ... totally weird.. thinking about 10 different things and talking about
--You eat uncontrolled.. Lots of junk..

Anyway I think I am out of my QLC( I am not even 25!!!! :( )..
My conclusion is that it can hit you anytime.. No age barriers..

I think the credit goes to Karan for bringing me to my normal self.. :)
I have disappointed him on numerous occasions.. hats off to him for keeping his cool :).

I have started gymming(Yippie... Back to my old self -- Not figuratively though!)
reading... writing I am enjoying my time now :).

I think this post is becoming too self obsessive.

Read My latest Composition and leave your comments:

I want my life to make sense
Can anyone help me
I want to see the colors of the world
Can anyone accompany me in my quest

'Cause I am not able to find myself
I am so faraway from the sun
if it shines into the darkest place
Why am I still in the pits.

I'm tired of living in the dark
Can anyone see me down here
I want to come Back into the world I've known
Where have all my colours flown?

The gloom, suffocating, of ancient lore
Night comes, abolishing all Hope, in its silent roar
Crowded in, my earthly pleasures, a fiend
Ecstasy asking a high price, the accompanying pain never going away

There’s a road – long, dark and winding
I am looking for the silver lining
O’ Shining Sun -- Lift my spirits high
Take me higher don’t let me fall.
I want to conquer my past
The future is here at last

(Special Thanks to Eby for his Inputs :) )


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  1. ..So Shilpi is back in form...n back in action!!!...keep writing :)

    ..yeah Eby told me that he also writes...but wd rather keep it to himself :)...