Monday, November 26, 2007

^^^Celebrating Life^^^

Another 5 days to go for the next weekend.
I am feeling totally worn out today.. I dunno why..
Have filled up the NMAT form Finally...

I think The good thing about blogging irregularly is one has plenty to write about. At the same time, since one blogs after long intervals, one might miss upon some of the things once had decided to write about, because of a fickle memory.

Weekend was lovely.. Gagan gave a Grande Party on the friday night which we all throughly enjoyed. Next day morning we headed straight to the gym to flex our muscles.

Sunday Karan and me went for a 14km walk (oK I managed to walk only 12 rest of it we covered sitting in the rickshaw). My feet are still hurting (Ouch).

I have got many pending tasks to finish this week. I dont think I can postpone them any further.
Most important is to pay my mobile bill.
I was just thinking that the mobile phone has murdered the email which had killed the letter. In the beginning, it was the SMS all the way . Text messages became longer and emails became shorter. Later, talk rates went down. It became easier to call or text than email. I guess with emails, one wrote only when one had no other way of communicating. With the mobile, such things were relayed as and when they were formed. There is 0 time for any kind of a 'thought' inventory to form – which is a bad thing.

we all are losing our Old World Charm.
I remember in my college pre final year Yahoo messenger was a rage. All my classmates used to conference after going home on the messengers.

I think life moves on Before we do.


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