Tuesday, November 20, 2007

~~Anonymous ~~

A friend of mine wrote a beautiful composition...
(No i wont name the person.. I have promised him).
I wanted to post this under his name.. But he did not
want any publicity.. So i just thought of sharing it
with all of you...

A lil info about that friend of mine : well he calls
himself a realist.. He writes well but refuses to acknowledge
this fact.

Please go through his Self Composition and leave your comments.

I stand here, at the edge of the world,
To the ends of my gaze, lies the barren savannah, unfurled…
There is this funny feeling, coming from deep inside…
Makes me mad, makes me angry, makes me want to go and hide

My brain says it’s depression, my heart says it’s just me…
My thoughts, my feelings, something no one will ever see…
My life feels like a prison, please God, let me out,
There is no one to listen to me, no one to hear me shout…

I plunge through my walls of insanity, into my waves of despair.
If it hurts, it doesn’t matter, there is no one to care.
Knowing that, it is no help at all…
No one to catch me, when I fall

I wanted a life, a window, to see the birds, the trees and the sky…
Maybe I’m better without one, stops me from aiming too high…
People would say I’m Psycho, definitely very weird,
But I know I am a different person, where has the old Me disappeared?

I miss you and everything we were meant to be.
You left, and something shriveled up and gave up Life in me.
The tears snuffed, locked away, I sever the cause and carry on,
The freedom will be painful when, years from now, I shrink away from the Dawn.

The glassy Sun crowns the crystal Summers and I love the Cold, Dark, Dismal Rain.
The nights, a realm of stars; but no eternal peace, only an eternity of Pain…
The Schizophrenic in me turns edgy, the hallucination real bad,
And the vise around my head tightens, followed by a feeling sad.

This all is contained in me, my constraints they erode;
There will come a day, when I will explode.
All that will remain is a shell, a mere parody,
Killing everything else that was uniquely Me.

Desolation in the grave; The River of life, red with my blood.
The tide rushes in, washing away the damnation in its flood.
I cry my heart out, hoping to cleanse my sorrow.
Never realising that I did not want to live the Tomorrow.

I stand here in the tall grass, my eyes see a prairie of flowers blue.
My mind is breached, an unseen force, of which I have no clue.
I have this urge to ride off into the yonder, and discard this visage, this lie,
To dream without fear, to laugh with abandon, to vanish without saying goodbye.

I want to make a video on this .. i have the concept and the theme ready (No resources :( )


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