Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ever since I have started receiving forwards about Kalavarahalli Betta, Skandagiri 70km away from Bangalore, I am pretty determined to go there. I know that I have to go there. Recieved an email which is full of amazing snaps. It is picturesque with an ocean of clouds all over the hill. And sadly I have never seen such a sight.This place is near to Nandi hills .If you want a view with clouds, Then January is the best time.
I am very very serious about this trek.. Want to see that place Asap...
Hope this trip works out pretty soon...
(Fingers Crossed)

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  1. Hey did i tell u that we had been to this place. But unfortunately on that particular day the clouds weren't below us ...but was all around us @ the peak... an Awesome experience nevertheless...

    Link to my online album, with the pics taken at kalavarahalli betta aka. skandagiri