Friday, October 5, 2007

"teeny weeny mine mooo"

have just been so lazy about blogging lately. Usually, it is something I immensely enjoy. But lately, it has been hard to write -- everything feeling forced and unnatural. It is just a side effect of the numerous tensions that I have been taking. When I think of the stuff that I try to write even I find it Bland.

Nothing really exciting going on at the moment… same ole dirty office politics….
I have been fighting like a warrior… It feels awesome to fight for my right.
But as usual there is no outcome… I still have to work in that shitty project.
But at least now the big guns know that they use me like a doormat.

And others just pity on my situation and I have realized that that I hate pity. I hate the way people wield it as a weapon.

I've decided that my job is wholly intellectually barren ….
Some harmful effects of which are:

1) I give stupid things undue importance.
2) It really angers/frustrates me… and I lash out all this frustration onto others
3) I end up ignoring my needs.
4) My mind wanders somewhere always…
5) I am not putting my heart and soul to my passions and other interests.

Enough about this workplace shit….
(All thanks to Karan for helping me stay sane )

I went to the Golconda Fort.. along with karan Abhishek and his dad ( Yes Karans
Family is in town) 

I was shit scared when I met them for the first time… But it was fine… really cool people.

Hope to write more often...


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