Thursday, August 2, 2007

~~~~Sweet Home Alabama~~~~~~

I am missing Delhi terribly today..
Reason : Just Like That!!!
On a serious note... i was writing lyrics for my Office Band in the morning...
Which just reminded me of the fun that i used to have in delhi...
Well things that i am missing here are :
1) Weekend Gigs
2) Writing songs,Casual Jamming etc etc
3) Accessing orkut without any proxy
4) Shopping !!!!!!!( This place has only malls where you can shop unlike Delhi...)
5) Chaat (Here they put Chole in every damn form of chaat.. be it aloo tikki,sevpuri.. etc etc)
6) Roads.... Flyovers ....
7)People i was close to
8)Roadside Food
9)Life in general....

Anyway i can go on and on....
I think i need to adjust more here ....
waiting for weekend as usual.
Lots of muscle pain (Reason :Gymming)..This pain gives me a good feeling... i feel nice about myself...
today i weighed myself (Surprisingly my weight is 55).. need to shed a lot more..

Lets see how my weekend goes..
I wrote something after a long time today.. Feeling Good... (Cant post here .. coz it is for the Band).. Maybe later...
Do post your comments...


  1. This week even I made it to the gym after a long time, but the muscle pain kept me away from it for the rest of the week!
    n abt the missing dilli thing... u forgot ur Rajma chawal :)
    Must agree with you on the shopping, chaat n life in general part. Thats something even I miss about Mumbai. but roads?... hmmmm... hmm!
    n Hey what does pt 3 have to do with the city?! :P

  2. hi..i just read all ur posts...[ i m so damn jobless..;-)]..

    Actually few questions 2 ask(not really personal i guess..just arbit ones)

    1. Where do u work?
    2. Looks like ur a CAT aspirant or have u cracked it ?

    if time permits ( do reply on my blog..a comment would do..;-))

    PS: u have not filled anything in ur profile..i mean the general info...thats y all this..TC..bye

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  4. How can u not miss SN market, Chholey Kulchey and yeah as Hemant mentioned Rajma Chawal?