Tuesday, August 28, 2007

~~Life As We Know It~~~

Wrote down something yesterday....
Havent written much lately .. Rather i was not able to pen down the multitude of thoughts that go through my head every day...

This piece of writing is not dedicated to anyone...
People who are close to me will be able to understand this one easily :)

Look here, you cant take me away,
I know Sitting here it is going to be tough any day.
I will make and sing my song and I know I just can't go wrong,
I will fight till i can't go on
I have to move on as I have to sing my song.

What you do you think you can hold me tight?
I'm going to fight with you tonight, Will make you feel so insecure.
Anywhere got to get you away, feels so good.. think it's going to be a new day.
I'm going to sing my song till I can't go on,
I will fight till i cant go on
I will move on as I have to sing my song...


  1. Thats a gr8 composition.....

    A perfect orchestra of emotions in Life as we know it

  2. Oh gosh..girl u write so well!!!