Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Well i am still in hyderabad..(Dont Let the Title misguide you)..
I didnt go on any pilgrimage.
then why such a title ------?????

Okay let me explain...
Last sunday Deepal .. Archana and last but not least -- I ... went to a Park...(Trust me we went there with the sole intention of eating fruits and drinking juiceS as this place is famous for its fruit market) ...

So finally WE all woke up early got ready and headed straight to the KDR Park ( I and deepal are still not sure if it is KDR /KBR.. Anyway let it be for the time being).

WeLL trust me ... Park is so beautiful.. and is so full of peacocks..

We laughed and talked boisterously .Walked endlessly. Anyone would have envied our job and camaraderie :)...

Natures wonders never cease to amaze me and I think of all the people sleeping soundly missing the most peaceful and comforting time of the day– serenaded by nature's breezes upon a canvas of moving dots moving towards the horizon.

I almost didn't want the walk to end

After that we went straight to Chutneys(Famous for South Indian Food)...ate like anything.. we were so sleepy by the time we finished lunch Maybe such a nature's serenade would have induced sleep.

we pulled our backpacks and walked home with thoughts of raging storms, comforting beds, and cool and conditioned air ...came back stomach full and slept nicely woaahh lovely day... Made Pasta, ate choclates and watched Lagaan and Parzania(Beautiful Movies).. A fitting end to our Grand Day

Sorry for the lack of updates. I have been on a book reading frenzy and haven’t been online much the past few days. I am currently reading Arthur Golden's Memoirs Of a Geisha. It is a wonderful book. Next on my reading list is Shantharam. I look forward to reading it....

eagerly waiting for this week to end .... (Karan coming on Friday....Yippie.. )
Do leave your comments... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope I write soon....


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  2. Enjoy ur weekend :)... n its gonna b 'Destination KBR' for me this weekend! Yeah KBR it is! [Kasu Brahmananda Reddy National Park ~ lil' bit of wikiing helped me come up with this name :)]