Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm getting fed up with my mind not playing with me while I'm asleep. I would like to have the weirdest dreams, I want night's just to send me over the edge.

Yeah you are guessing it right---- I Don't dream (I am not talking about the Daydreaming stuff.. But the actual Dreams )...
I just want to be a dreamer!

Life is moving fast these days.. Karan is back!!! (I am lovin it)..
GYM is back into my life again :) Love my Intense gymming sessions...

Nothing much going on .. We have started cooking our lunch also... waking early morning and then cooking lunch for office... Awesome it is..

I love the ritual of the cooking at home– the house filled with wonderful aromas after the food simmers on the stove for hours.
Gives a sense of satisfaction also… :)
Glorious. It is the only word that really comes to mind(okay not the right word maybe) but This all feels so grown-up.. :)
Life is Good..


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