Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Weekyitis --- Mid Week Crisis

I'm suffering terribly -Agitated, demotivated, Bad mood, slightly hungry, aggravated. Would someone please help me?Looks like this whole document reading process is gonna be dragged out til god knows when, and my job is getting progressively worse. I'm getting the money, but it aint enough. I need more. But what?Maybe all I need is for Wednesday to go away, and FrIDAY to arrive. Yes - that's it. That'll do it.Ah fRIDAY, my long lost pal, where are you?
Holidays are great; you treat pamper, you relax, you have fun. All dietary inhibitions go out the window and you indulge.

I was just wondering today........
If it weren't for money, we'd all be a lot happier. We'd all be a lot poorer, but happier in the knowledge that everyone else was as poor as ourselves. Do you agree?(its not that i am money minded or something).
I think i am on the brink of becoming the world's most prolific complainer.. (ha ha ha )
Better i sign off.......
Havent written anything lately (I am becoming lazy also..... No i should blame it on work ;))


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  2. :) your long lost friend is already here! n this is one friday even i was lookin fwd to... hope it ushers in an xcitin wknd for everyone... :)