Thursday, June 7, 2007


Hiiii aLlll.......
I was doing my self analysis and concluded that
There are things that I am not good at (Hard to believe I know- ;-) ). I want to be better at them, but in the hussle and bustle of life, they get put down to the bottom of my list of things to do. So, here goes my list, I hope it acts as some accountability for me.

1. Saying 'NO' to people i like...
People I care for...
2. Believing in myself- When it comes to me, the cup is half empty. But when it comes to other people, the cup is half full or completely full.

3. I preserve my ANGER... i dont release it ...

4. ImPatience ...(Highly Impatient ...Karan can easily vouch for this fact! ... bringing me back to my normal self is a daunting task.)

5. I dont review my smses,blog entries and my poems before sending them across which is not a very good practice ..

6. I isolate myself at times.

That's all for now. I think there are enough things to try and be better at. I really do intend to at least try to be better.

Time to sign off.... (have to complete office work!!!!!)

For a special Friend:
My blog is not "KARAN VERMA'S" web appraisal page... It is just that I write about my life and day to day happenings and since he is an integral part of my life... So therefore i end up writing about him also...

Here is Someting to end this post on a positive note
(Not original though)
"Living on the Earth may be expensive...
But it includes an annual free trip around the Sun”


  1. Finally, the moment of truth !!

  2. Appraisal fever in the air! Seems like all that self-rating for performagic has got extended to real life! :)
    n talkin abt things u r good at... Am sure u'v got enuff fans, who enjoy all the stuff u keep churning out every week... keep em coming!