Wednesday, June 6, 2007


After hearing all the complaints about leaving comments, I decided to try it out myself and take it easy on all of you. So here is the easy three step quick process.
1) click on the comment link at the bottom of a post.
2) Leave your comment, in the comment box, then under choose an identity, choose other and put your name in the name box.
3) Then click on publish post, and you are all set, and you don't have to sign in, and no danger of losing your password.

Hope to see lotsa comments ... next time when i Login


  1. n Heyy this WORKSS! if ppl can see this 'comment' then it means that i hv successfully completed this lil' e-learning course :) !! ne credits for this?!

  2. Think I'll hv to device something like this pictorially to get comments for my pblog :)