Wednesday, May 2, 2007

~~~ HOlidays~~~~

I love holiday's ....
esp when they are in the middle of the weeek... like the one we had yesterday
(Yesterday was Labour day)!.
My dad was kind of making fun of me (According to him all software engineers are nothing but cyber coolies) so we always end up fighting over it.. Its not that i dont agree with him... but just that inner ego... where You cannot degrade the kind of work you are doing.
so there started our Fanfare again ...
Monday night iT was Karan's Treat to all his friend's ...
(reason : Me to WE + 760 ) . after a dull day in office.. i wasnt expecting much.
Exactly at 5:00 we left office..changed ... (going in formal's to any party sucks.. dont know why i have such weird notion's )..
so after hogging on some Cake and fudge made by Karan's Mom(Delicious is the word.. my crappy rum cake was too bad compared to the choclate cake that i had) We left for Barista. In between my sucky client call and disgusting Iced Tea we did manage to talk a bit.
Then began the party ... as we reached Zafraan ( Venue for party) Right on time so did the other guys after battling wid Hyd's Traffic.
First mission was to fight for the couch. Being the only lady in the clan surely helped as i didnt have to fight.
Then drink's rolled one after another and good time started.... talking talking talking talking.......
After couple of drink's i actually rated everyone in the brigade (comparative rating)...
All in all.... Best Treat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Or should i say Best Treat - part 1
coz yesterday it was my treat (Treat - part 2) Me and Karan... I think 'Date' is a better word( everytime i go out with karan i say i am going for a treat ... Deepal shiksha and archana actually fight with me over the wrong usage of this word.)

'Date' was perfect leaving aside the lil accident that we had . (Thank god Nothing happened to the bike. Karan was worst affected).

Now having a big hangover...
just realized that i havent written down anything lately!!!!! writer's block maybe .


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