Monday, May 28, 2007

~~Hello My Friend we Meet again~~~

A few days ago I decided to trawl the net for a few names from my old skooool days. There was one particular person who was a very good friend of mine, Confidante,Fellow Hooligan and traveller through time. We studied together Played together and after I left skool we stayed in touch for quite a while - but as my life took over we lost touch. It’s funny how in our memories we expect things to stay the same - when I found a reference to her, she had moved to an entirely different city and was doing the last thing I would have imagined she would be doing for a living (well maybe not the last thing) She was not the same of course ...But
Her picture surely opened the wormhole Between the me of now and the me Of yesterday..
Life does Give SURPRISES!!!!!!!!!
We did talk for 5-10 minutes... and during our conversation I felt as if we fell through cracks in time but still I shouldnt be complaining ...thats the course that life follows.

Well, I’ve been busy lately bustling about, doing lots of new things, and the writing seems to have taken a backseat( Well i do write for Karan though). Either that or the words won’t come in the right place at the right time, and even then rarely in the right order.
I think i am not in my best mood today!!!!!!! Better i sign oFF fast.....


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