Friday, April 27, 2007

^wind's of Change^

Well this title surely suits vineet.
Boy he cracked CAT .
hE belled, gRILLED,screwed cat bigtime. Finally got admission calls from IIM -C,IIM- L and IIM -A.
That was his vision.. after working hard for two damn year's (during which he rejected MDI every year and IIFT ) Lots of Patience and Lady luck did the trick (Lady luck surely work's).
I was pretty surprised when he made his relationship official, Good news all in all.

Made Pasta and fruit custard for him in the evening( with a lil help from Ram... who was running around trying to get things from the neighbourhood shop.) while upam was busy cooking chicken ..
Vineet was the last one to arrive and we were very disappointed.. (He didnt bring his lady luck).
nice time we all had...
Karan ended that nice evening by filling me in with some ghost stories... Just when we kept down the fone electricity went off for good 2 hours and as usual noone was at home coz of long weekend... (Boy i was scared i must say) ... i somehow managed!!!!! ( i am a champ...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Saturday was also very lazyish ... didnt do much ..was just running around from shop to shop in search of ingredients for rum cake (which i made esp for karan .). wont say it turned out to be something that i had expected... neverthless .......
Well my whole sunday was spent in counting hours... saw tara rum pum... in the morning...
overused family theme ...
EvENing time I finally met Karan :)
after one full month. I must say meeting him up for the first time (after we made everything official) was kind of unnerving for the first 1-2 minutes and after that .... it was all cooolllllllllll.
This week is going to be a roller coaster.. let's see how it goes !!!!!!!!!!
** Fingers Crossed**

PS - Just for Karan.. well i loved your gift... and you better leave some comment this time.


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