Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sunshine On My Shoulder!!!!!!!!

Yeah Title is Apt!!!!!
Finally :) after all speculations .. Happy Ending ( Or rather a HAPPY START!!! :) )
after chickening out for day's altogeher i Finally mustered enough courage and gave whatever i wrote for him. (for the first time in my life whatever i wrote made some sense to me!!!! altough it sounded more like a nursery rhyme!)..
Frankly speaking when he asked me to sms my email id to him i was totally disheartened( Cause you have to convey negative feelings you mail and when there is a positive news then you Call. Just my notion !). But next day we talked it out!!!! It Feels so good!!!( I just hope that this feeling is mutual **Fingers Crossed**).HeH i cant even forget that day (Reason : initially i thought that he was playing some belated april fool's joke on me as it was 2nd April).
I hope this joyride continues on and ON and on and ON!!!!!!!!!!

I again Wrote Something : (Hope it makes some sense to karan)

I'm longing for your company,
Just to hold your hand,
To look you in your eyes
And help you understand

How have you really changed my life
And deeply touched my heart
There are so many things that I want to say
But I don't know where to start

You ALWAYS seem to amaze me
The way you're always there
You speak the kindest words
I can tell that you truly care

Every time we speak
You ALWAYS make me smile
For this journey , I am truly Thankful
Because you've made it worth the while


  1. Nice ending..not that the blog's bad..hehehe...i guess by giving away ur blog's link you'll have less to tell me about your(ur and chahca's) story..which i have to hear no matter what!!!!

  2. :)

    Still waiting for the story.
    It's weird but I suddenly miss you. :(