Monday, April 16, 2007

~~~Free Falling~~~~

I am back to square one .. posting after so long and since i dont have anything better to write about i am going to write about my last week's adventures . Actually last week was pretty productive I wrote a poem for a friend.
Enjoyed Myself. Week started off in full swing with Deepal and Shiksha's arrival (They had gone back home .. Routine visits).
Both of them came with loads of snack's and all and there started our fanfare again.
Tuesday Night we celebrated by eating dosa's cooked by Deepal she is indeed a good cook ( This piece of info is Only for elligible bachelors).
Wednesday ... Had to treat all the demon's ( Just Kidding!!!!!) Even heavy downpour couldn't stop them from burning a hole in my pocket ;) so after doing some RnD we headed straight to 'The Sixth Element ' ( Nameesh, Raveesh, Gagan and truly yours ). Oh most important of all .. Reason for treat : Karan and Me ( I guess i don't need to elaborate on that one it is self explainatory ). So after that we headed straighway back to Home ( I would like to mention that i didn't drink.. ).It was a nice evening.. goood liquor,good snacks.. and some exceptional dancing!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday there was some major screwup in office .. So was pretty busy with That. Didn't do much .. as usual same leg pulling and all...
friday was as usual light ... Shiksha had some intra IBU Match .. (Our lil girl played pretty well....) In the evening she and i talked like crazy .. Man i feel so light after talking to her.
after office we went to shiksha's house archana prepared maggi for five of us (archana,deepal,shiksha,kanishka and offcourse ME) After that we feasted on some home cooked brownie(Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Saturday again our party began.. which started right in the afternoon... then Wang's Kitchen for some good delicious chinese..after that we went back to the headquarter's for our extended movie program(too bad i couldn't find "four weddings and a funeral" and not even notting we started off with Gangster.. pretty crappy i must say!) only me and shiksha ended up watching.. Deepal and Archana were busy with their cellphones.
then came the moment... Our bitching session started .
there is so much to talk about things...(Karan always wonder whenever i tell him about my bitching session's ) .
Yesterday we went to take a ride on giant wheel...some hyderabad utsav...ate all sort of crappy junk... Candy floss,chinese - cheese dosa, some roadside chaat...
and then came back home... well my sunday did end up in style.. with Karan playing a prank on me along with his mom (i must confess he totally caught me offguard... later on he laughed nonstop (after all i chickened out royally!!!!!!!!) I actually had to shut him up....)
I think I have written a lot now.. just want to post my latest poem....

wrote it for a friend. She is really upset with me.. she thinks that i was not there for her... this is something that i want to tell her
I am sorry. I know it wont make any difference. Seriously I saw you were trying so hard to be normal with everyone.
Just thought of helping you out by not talking about it . I was waiting for you to talk . Please don’t misunderstand me.

We stand in way to face the cold,
As birds beg the dawn for some warmth
I look into your eyes my friend,for some mercy
Like the deserts look for rain
The moon is shining brightly over one tree hill.
I see the stars missing in your eyes
run straight like a river to the sea.
And in this perfect Little world We will wait for fate to find us
We will pour our hearts, and then bleed for it
We will fight this world till the stars dont go blue
You know I am here till the last ounce of blood in my veins
Run to me the way river to a sea

I have lost my faith in red roses or shooting stars
Stopped believing in those carved stones.
Let them challenge our little universe

I will still be there to see stars in your eyes
And the moon which is still shining brightly over one tree hill
Come to me Like a river to the sea .


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