Saturday, March 10, 2007

~~~~Terrace Sickness~~~~~

Something to tick off my march account postings... :) It was a pretty loong week for me ... Nothin spl happened except for the fact that i am becoming a victim of terrace sickness... Thats something that happens when you come home tired eat your dinner and go to the terrace to talk to your friends and when you done with your talking... you just wander around .. You think of all possible things all vague and shady fundas .. hehe sounds kiddish ? but it happens pretty often. The last two days i ended up sleeping there .. but the best part is that you can feel the stillness and serenity of night ... beauty of the stars..isn't it ironical that things look so crystal clear in the darkness ( My friends always complain that I write dark things .... I find them amusing...Quite often the darkness shows us what we miss in the broad daylight).

Here I am,
catch me if you can .
in the serenity of night,
judging wrong and right.

lyin motionless,
absolutely clueless,
under the black canvas
With a tinge of smoke as crisp as autumn leaves;
Catch me if you can.

Imagination paints faces underAs Stars start to look colder.
These elements
Have been and are,
and will be my being
as the night draws its curtain,
catch me if you can .

Love is always too far,
Distant as a shooting star,
Perfect as the world that waits
Unafraid of openness.
So, strike at your command
at this instant
catch me if you can .

Footsteps of dawn stumble into night,
Trees breathing back to life .
As sunrays lures life from birds
.before this light sprints back into dark
catch me if you can .

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  1. leeping on the roof...!!?
    crazy or what-that place is not good da, be careful...