Saturday, March 31, 2007

^^^Rock you like a HuRRiCanE^^^

This week was like a weekend for me. Never enjoyed myself to this extent. Sometimes you just feel like moving with the flow. That's exactly what i did this week...
Last week we went for Team Building!!!! And actually it was fun.. Frankly speaking i didn't have much expectations.... We did all crazy stufff... ringing doorbells at wee hours in the resort ...
playing dumb charades ( altough i suggested only shaitaan and chudail movies) Then playing DOG AND BONE during which we fell off laughing after Deepal's little Jig. and later Deepal's one man antakshri show(Kudos).

Sunday Afternoon as we had all planned went off well... Excellent Lunch . actually relaxed with some chilled out people. Then went to Firangii pani with Karan. So finally i moved on from
'Koffee with Karan' to 'Drinking With Karan'. Excellent evening.Talked about hell lot of things.
Well it was a perfect way to end the week.
Then came Monday again..
So we decided to do a lil bit of shopping for our very own shiksha(reason : Birthday ) .. So me, deepal and archana straightway headed off to Central (I hate it.. when i don't shop for myself)
and arranged things in a perfect way we fixed up shiksha's return from office with kanishka. and We bought tickets for Water (Please don't waste your money.. like the way i did).Before movie we hogged food like nething @ Bombay blues (like that place ... coz of personal reason's). mE and archana were clueless we dint like the movie at all ..whereas deepal shiksha and kanishka got all emotional after watching that 2 hour torture.We went and slept peacefully.
Tuesday again was excellent... office ->Koffee with Karan->Tex-Mex . Place was as expected Perfect to the hilt Guy has an impeccable taste for food.
Thursday we decided to keep shiksha away from home atleast till midnight ( reason : Her bday)
So me kanishka deepal shiksha and karan went to kanishka's house after decorating deepal's house(reason : midnight celebrations).as usual we ended up having fun.. WE started watching namaste london.. took a break during intermission to have our dinner and that break enevr ended ... we started watching video's then went to his terrace
reminiscing our good ole days .. then went to shiksha's house. Where whole Gang was there waiting for her to come. After cake cutting shiksha and deepal gave us one stupendous guitar performance( i am so proud of these guys ).Man Archana should have been there!!(reason of absence : Sweet Home Alabama) . Then at 1 when everybody went back.. started our bitching session, some pending bitching was also there till 4:00 we bitched like hell( BiTCHES WE ARE!!!!) then shiksha suddenly wanted to try out smoking ( Reason : she got a guitar shaped lighter as gift (and ciggerate was free with it)) after one puff only her enthu just drained off..
Yesterday was 'Rocking' ... me karan and nameesh went to firangii pani (Reason: Karan's Informal Farewell so kind of a goodluck party ) No he is not leaving his job taking a month's break for GMAT. sO there started 'Drinking With Karan' again.. He loyal as ever ordered Whiskey. whereas me and Nammo ordered Beer.. and we ended up drinking 8 Beer Bottles and rum to top it all... After that i dont have a single clue what all i did... except for the fact that i puked at indijoes... and they had to carry me back home... (I am sure kanishka deepal and Shiksha gonna tick me off later on ) But good part i ended up conveying some important points .
Man i am never gonna forget this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yay Archana coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!

PS : This blog is especially dedicated to two sweethearts .. DEEPAL and SHIKSHA for taking good care of me. Thanx guys.

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  1. That's an awesome preparation for any one's birthday and the smile a person get on her bday, whens she finds her closest pals giving her the time of life,is surely worth watching...all kudos to the whole gang and belated happy birthday to shiksha...

    Shilpi , I didn't have an idea that you could digest a single full bottle of beer at least...may be i underestimated u sweets..

    Anyways, ur words reflect u really had an awesome time during the whole weekend....

    Have fun and masti in life and top it all..keep smiling....