Thursday, March 22, 2007

iRON mAIDEN!!!!!!!

yES 17th March was the day.. when gods of metal came to India.
One dialogue of Bruce left the whole crowd asking for more

" Some of you've waited 17 years for this, but you won't even have to wait 17 months for the next time," he yelled. For real? Wow.

well so just like another dedicated iron maiden fan i reached Palace Grounds at 2:00 PM after a doze of heavy lunch with a friend .Sun did not pity maidenheads ... everyone was looking roasted by 5:00 Pm . and just the way Sun did not pity us the same way crowd did'nt pity FTN.
Opening this big a floor to acolytes isn't a great idea, the band's act being considerably derided by the crowds. Wannabes on the same night as the gods? Please we are grown up for that Shit.
The event was christened as EDD-FEST. There were approx 20,000 other fanatics like me.
Black was the color of the Day . everybody dresed in sync with the event...
After FTN came Indian Rock andRoll Gods.
Parikrama are undisputable rock pioneers. The boys have endured over the decades and are, as far as Indians go, the only ones really living the dream. As always, their part of the show was reliably solid, and impressively an all-original set. Vocalist Nitin Malik ebulliently screamed about opening for Iron Maiden, and this being the greatest day of their lives. Amen,
I like their punchline "PIRATE US". shows Their humbleness No Hypocrisy.
Then came Lauren Harris daughter of the legend Steve Harris.. Frankly their bubblegum pop-rock did'nt add any glamour to the show. and was booed off. Whole crowd was singing "Fuck You" in unison Gave us the perfect example of brotherhood amongst us Inidans.

Then as the darkness presided over ... Came Iron Maiden. They belted out some fresh songs from their latest album "A matter of Life and Death". All heads were banging to their beats.
Right from the word GO!!!!!!!
Thus arrived the glorious songs, Maiden's immortals.

'You take my life and I'll take yours too.' WOW.As the backdrop changed from super-macabre album covers to freaky Eddie-play, Dickinson grabbed the British colours and waved the mast. Indeed, we were seeing him play Trooper the traditional way, vaulting around the stage with tremendous gusto, as guitarist Janick Gers made the song fly like only he can. Unbelievable.
But that's nowhere near all.
Soon we were joined by Eddie himself, larger than life and thrice as trippy. A mammoth tank lumbered out behind the band, and that head creeped out and surveyed us all, eyes glowing bright and fiery as fans headbanged with renewed fury, mosh-pits throbbing.
hE CoVERED all his signature tracks "FEAR OF THE DARK" , "NUMBER OF THE BEAST", "rUN TO THE HILLS", "2 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT".... Crowd could'nt have asked for more.

Show ended at around 10:00 thats when i left for my friends place where i was staying
well i wont say that my bangalore trip was awesome(due to some personal reasons).. but frankly speaking Iron Maiden saved the grace.
And this one show i will never be able to forget!!!!!!!!!!


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