Wednesday, February 21, 2007

~~~wISH yOU wERE hERE~~~

Just wrote something down....

Last sunday when I was roaming around in Abids... I saw this demented lady outside a kid's wear shop kissing and hugging a mannenquin... she actually stopped to have a chit chat wid the mannenquin... People were calling her mental and all but frankly speaking I found her the only sane person amongst us insane people. At least she had the time to think about her loved ones. I just thot of writing something down .... again don't know what to call it

Dedicated to all mothers who have lost their daughters...i Think the title "wish you were here " is pretty okay taking it from her perspective.
wid The mention of one name her heart is torn,
from her pain, only sorrow is born...

Finally,amongst the crowd, her life she can see,
dreams collapsed, there is no hope for her...

Dreams,love care, tarnished - lie, all they burn,
once love - now lost, forever, ashes to turn...

All those lies, in front of her eyes, now flashes,
what once was her part, now only remain in ashes...

In the streets she roams , Looking for her part.
outside a shop There is a lil girls mannenquin wid cindrella frock and hat,

she stops there kisses her , hug her and do a lil chit chat,
before she again departs , It soothes her broken heart.

Onlookers call her insane,
A lost love, only feed the seeds of Pain,
blown in the wind, to seek a victim, a heart to die...


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  2. nice one
    written in down to earth language

  3. nice one
    written in down to earth language