Friday, February 9, 2007

Starting All Over Again...

(Lady In Red!!!!!!!)
Dunno why i like this pic....( was taken just like that on some friday...)

Well i was a dedicated blogger .. once upon a time.... then one fine day decided to end it all.....
now m here again to make a fresh start ..
so here goes my introduction once again...I am just another 23 year old typical girl...
who is in love with bikes,wants to learn biking, plays drums at times,love metal and classic rock... passionate when it comes to reading..
I like working out in the gym ( I love running .... it gives me a high!!!!!!!!)
I do a lil bit of writing also.....( only when I am all emotional)...
Here's my latest piece...( its not dedicated to neone!!!!!!!!!)
As I lay alone under the black canvas I think of you and the warmth that we shared.
I know its time to let go of you .

Everththing you need I'll be here you know as always for you.
I tried my best for u gave everything i could.

i wish you never have to see me and go through that pain of faking..
Why am I trying in vain to love you ?

When I know I'm only loving to loose you.

the more I try to fight with myself for our love .The more deep I go to try and prove im right and it's not simply right.
I shed every tear for you.Kept my heart and soul at stake for you.

Time is up . It cudnt have lasted now its time to let go of u.

And with you all those hopes and dreams that u gave me.
Why do I tell everyone else about you? When You dont want me to want you.


  1. Just went through this very first post of your blog. it is just an amazing n emotional poem.I wonder, how it can find emotions attached with every other person.
    That is the beauty of poems, I guess!

    God bless !

  2. I am so happy after reading this comment :)...
    And also embarrased at the same time. Te good old days!!!
    How stupid I was back then...

  3. Why are you embarrassed. Old good things bring sweet memories back.
    its worth cherishing.:)