Saturday, February 10, 2007

Does Life get Any Better?????


well its sunday 2:45 am... and I am in office playing CS. Some friends from pune are here they were all charged up. These poor guys don't get 2 play CS in Pune. So had to give in to their wishes.I finished reading Erich Segal's Doctors. I love the way he writes.I mean firstly he only writes about Harvard dudes and the way they end up. I mean being from Harvard his characters are supposed to end up so well in life but they still end up in a ditch .

I have my CAT books also with me but somehow not able to concentrate... I really don't know whats wrong.I want to read some really nice books....

I met up with kanishka also.I pestered him a lottttt to teach me biking but he was stubborn.....
I have got loads of plans for tomorrow for starters drumming at a friends place ( Yippie)....
I need to buy some good boooks and have to catch up wid some old frnds.....

I suck at all this. I mean making plans and all.I am simply not cut out for this.
The song "but it rained " by parikrama is playing in my head again and again.. awesum song....

here goes the lyrics...

Wrapped in a polythene tucked away safe in my mind

A little goodbye maybe or just a passing smile

The birds fly away to the southern sky searching a home

A bunch of paper flowers or a little boy left all alone

Can somebody hear me I'm screaming from so far away

Morning who will calm you now, the evening is eclipsed again

Well does life get any better

More yesterday than today

How I thought the sun would shine tomorrowBut it rained . . .

They justified the cause for which Daddy might give up his life

It's been so long, so long a time, still I miss Daddy at night

The ache is long gone but the never keeps staring along

The waters in the seas are highand all the sand castles have drowned

Well does life get any better
More yesterday than today

How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow

But it rained . . .


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