Thursday, February 15, 2007

~~~~Comfortably Numb~~~~

My Gawd It has been only one day (post valentines day)... and my frnds have already started fightin with each other over petty issues... where does this love disappear... ( huh.. none of my business i know )..
This morning I had to undergo a big torture when one of my very close friends called up ( name withheld for the obvious reasons).She was incessantly cribbing abt her b/f ( another close friend of mine).I hate acting as some aunt agony.I tried telling her that but she didn't stop and when I could'nt stand it any longer .. I just made up some perfect excuse( becoming really good at it lately !!!!!!!!) . She wanted me to call her guy.. and pacify the situation... but I said NO.

Since morning I am feeling feverish not able to concentrate upon my work....
just answering to those depressing good for nothing type of questions regarding valentines day.

( People think that I am not a romantic person on the contrary I am a die hard romantic who is hopelessly in love with a guy for the past 2-3 months .He doesnt even know that.

Everytime i look at him... I feel like singing:
UB40's "Cant Help Falling In Love Wid You".

Just wrote something..... don't know how good/bad it is....
(I didn't give any title maybe don't know how to present these arbit words together)

Again its not dedicated to anyone... !!!!

My body feels so cold and empty
as i sleep in the cradle of your memories

Red roses lie haphazardedly on the floor
and your memories play back and forth
Those roses died and turned black
when i was waiting for you to come back

you are so far away
It may be many more years before we meet again
He left me five years to the day
when the angel of death came calling him on his way
he glided to that bridge on that river
to leave me here forever.

So each Valentine’s Day I bring a bouquet of red roses
I drive myself to his grave and mumble
“My love , you were so pure,”
“Who’s life was so brutually cut short,”
“You are always present in my soul”

I lie comfortably in my apartment
But all the luxuries and all the money in the world
Cannot bring you back to me.
Until the day angel of death come on my way .

and then I will embrace you
kiss you the way we used to do
and Share in my bitter sweet memories of one more Valentine’s Day
Your memories carry me on .
Gives me strength in this pastoral existence.


  1. ,
    Good one shilpi Keep it up.....!

  2. hey i liked the part where you say it's not dedicated to anyone, very wicked huh

  3. Omg...u rock!
    U write really really welll!!!