Tuesday, February 13, 2007

`````````cHASING cARS````````````````

Why such a vague title ? I was listening to Snow Patrol's Chasing cars

It is a beautiful song ... (all thanx to kanishka for sending me that song!!!!!)...
What's up with this Vday? Simple. i think Saint Valentine must have worked for Hallmark or Archies. He decided the best way to succeed was to CREATE a love day and to fool everyone arnd . Boom, and came Valentine's Day! It only fattens to pockets of flower peddlers and greeting card companies. Everywhere you look, there's disgusting mixtures of red and pink. God, I have suddenly started hating pink. ...
neeway as all wise men say " TO EACH HIS OWN"
wanted to write the lyrics of chasing cars... but too tired to do that maybe some other time.

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  1. i love this song too.. :)
    surely thnx to Kanishka