Friday, February 23, 2007

~~~Bloggin Bluez~~~~~

How much can a few words motivate me ? It cannot be better illustrated than through a person’s desire to write a poem leaving all the office worries aside that too on a friday evening . More so, that person being me. And at the end of this literary exercise I am not only feeling elevated but have a full length decent page of non rhyming emotions ( or rather mix and match of emotions) to contribute to the world which ideally shud have gone to a dustbin. 

Well all in all it was fun leaving all my important work aside and working on something like this. And the intellectual,creative satisfaction is simply awesome. I think I am simply suffering from Bloggin Bluez.Before writing 2day's poem I thought of n number of topics my frnds always complain that I write abt depressing things .. but I think that I should not be deciphered from the nakedness of my words but from the feelings that lay well hidden behind the curtain of the negative words portrayed. Being unsure of a choice is not as bad as making the wrong one. ... but cudnt think of any of them...
so just thought of penning down without any reason..

A friend called up today morning.I was really missing her a lot... she actually brought a smile to my lips...
reminds me of that line...

Memories are wonderful things, if you don’t have to deal with the past!” (From the movie - Before Sunset)

here goes my poem ....

A lazy afternoon with bright sunlight outside,
closed windows, darkness inside the room, sitting by the bedside.

No obligations.. No frustrations,
No desperation.. No tensions.

No one who cares, no one to care about,
No Home sickness, heart sickness.

Memories in my head,
Wishes on my mind,
Soft smile on my lips,
does life get any better than this ???

No sites to log on.
no incidents to write upon...

A pile of some read.. some unread papers...
a floor full of choclate wrappers
yesterday's unfinished liquor
does life get any better?

Trying to recall those sweet dreams..
yesterday's lovely smse's
some unfinished conversations...
does life get any better than this ?

Back to the reality,
thinkin of life,
trying to make some sense...
Why does it always rain on me?
even when there's sunshine.

Memories in my head,
Wishes on my mind,
Soft smile on my lips,
does life get any better than this ???

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  1. Umm....I think it doesn't :) Good goin metallerina. I can almost see the room.